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American comments on French visit

The following were comments made on Facebook by members of First Baptist Church of Rincon about the youth group visiting from Colombes, France. Each has given their permission to share their thoughts:

Sherri Gordy Many, many thanks to all those who offered prayers, prepared and served meals, provided gifts and transportation, opened your homes and hearts, and made our new friends from France feel welcome and loved. Their passion for the Lord is contagious. I am honored to be part of a church that makes things happen for Jesus. The week would not have been possible without the direction of God and many hands and hearts working hard behind the scenes. You all know who you are, and I thank you for all you have done.

Christina Cleveland Glendye I was not able to be around them a whole lot, but when I was, I was so blessed! Sherri, thank you for everything you did to make this trip so special and meaningful to them!

Elodie Couratier Lockhart Are you done drying your eyes? lol It was great week!

Sherri Gordy Yeah, thanks for making me cry! You could have translated Pastor Thierry’s words into something funny! I was truly overwhelmed with his kind words and humble appreciation. It was a very great week.

Becky Harrison Cowart A BIG thank you Sherri!! There are no words to express the amazing job you did this week. The French group were deeply touched and blessed and we were touched and blessed as well. Thank you for letting God use you in such a wonderful way.

Dana Brackett Flood Sherri, you are amazing! From the itinerary, the daily dinner groups, tickets, phone calls, text, everything was detailed perfectly! God blessed our family with this experience!

Elodie Couratier Lockhart ‎@ Sherri… I cried because you cried and because I was feeling the same as Pastor Thierry…. You did a great job! God is awesome!

Busy Monday for French youth group

Today, Monday, October 24, the church youth group from Centre Evangelique Protestant of Colombes France had a busy day visiting local schools in Rincon, Georgia.
On Monday morning, they visited Effingham Christian School. The French students sang and shared, and the American students asked questions about life and religion in France.
The rest of the morning and in the afternoon, the French students visited Ebenezer Middle School, a public school north of Rincon. They visited many classes and answered many questions about French culture. They also sang Christian songs in French.
At both schools, the French students were able to invite students to visit the youth rally on Wednesday night at First Baptist Church of Rincon.
Pastor Thierry says that they experienced a warm welcome in both schools and were very happy by how friendly everybody was. He also was impressed with the modern equipment and how clean the schools were. He said that he could tell the students showed respect for their school.