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Au revoir! French youth depart

French youth depart

The youth group from Centre Evangelique Protestant of Colombes, France departed on Sunday afternoon, October 30. Donna, the bus driver, is the red-haired lady standing, and Elodie, our French church member who translated, is sitting below Donna. Their airplane departed the Savannah airport shortly after 4:00 p.m. (16:00 hours) on Sunday.



While riding canoes in the Ebenezer Creek, the French youth saw an alligator on the shore!

French youth canoe

French youth canoe

The French team road canoes down the Ebenezer Creek north of Rincon, and saw beautiful cypress trees in the water.

Country carnival at FBC Rincon

Country carnival at FBC Rincon

There was a good crowd for the Country Carnival at First Baptist Church of Rincon.

French youth sing at carnival

French youth sing at carnival

The youth from Colombes, France sang at the Country Carnival at First Baptist Church of Rincon.

Enjoying football

Enjoying football

French youth group were amazed at the action at the American football game.

Going shopping

Going shopping

The French team enjoyed shopping in Savannah on Saturday. Sherri Gordy (wearing the “Georgia” shirt) was the American coordinator for the trip. She did a wonderful job, and Sherri was able to join us. We were also very grateful to the host homes and to the bus drivers: Donna Avera, Larry Matthews and Bryan Gilde.

French watch American football

French watch American football

The French team enjoyed seeing an American football game. They really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game and the very good team from Savannah Christian School, which won 45-0.

French youth sing at Country Carnival

French youth sing at Country Carnival

The French youth group sang at the Country Carnival at First Baptist Church of Rincon. This was an outdoor festival for families of the community at the church.

A crab!

A crab!

Pastor Thierry finds a crab on Tybee beach.

Ferry across Savannah River

Ferry across Savannah River

Youth from France ride the ferry across the Savannah River, looking back at the city of Savannah.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Youth from Colombes, France visit the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah.

First African Baptist Church

First African Baptist Church

Youth from Colombes, France visit First African Baptist Church in Savannah, the oldest black church in North America.

French youth visit Old Fort Jackson

French youth visit Old Fort Jackson

The youth from Colombes, France visited Old Fort Jackson, a fort on the Savannah River. The guide pretended to be a Confederate soldier who had the youth pretend to be soldiers and march into the fort.

French youth at Forsyth Park

French youth at Forsyth Park

The youth group from Colombes, France visited Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia.